Our Living History Group is an apolitical association for those interested in the history of World War II, especially on the Czechoslovak nationals serving in the British RAF and WAAF.

We want to commemorate these brave men and women who were after the war, for their actions for the freedom of their homeland, by the government of their own country condemned to oblivion, their names and monuments were systematically erased from the consciousness of people.

The name of our group - Sky Riders is a tribute to well known book of Filip Jansky (real name Richard Husman – former air gunner of 311 bomber Sqd.) Sky Riders, which recounts the fate of Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF bomber Squadron during the WWII.

Group crest – blue Pegasus with golden hooves and mane, is inspired by the last sentence of the book: " Golden hooves of blue horses quietly sounds in the distance..." Numbers 39 and 45 symbolize the years of Czechoslovak resistance movement abroad.